Artist in Residence




MAY 13-18

Tess Lindsey
Louisville, Kentucky

Tess Lindsey, who had a desire to create something functional yet beautiful, created Bluegrass Bookbinding in 2015 in Louisville after learning the art of bookbinding in college. The idea led to the old-fashioned trade to crafting handmade leather-wrapped journals from locally sourced materials.

Gallery Hours
Stop by the Artist Cottage between 10AM–12PM Tuesday–Friday to chat with the artist and learn the process of her craft.

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An Amateur’s Guide to Bookbinding

In today’s digital age, books, made of real honest-to-goodness paper, are increasingly precious things. This month, put down your tablet, and discover the traditional art of bookbinding. Master complex stitching techniques and branding with the help of Louisville-based artisan Tess Lindsey, cofounder of Bluegrass Bookbinding, to create distinctive leather-wrapped journals.

Earlier Event: May 16
An Amateur’s Guide to Bookbinding